PJ Hanke
P.J. Hanke's diverse background as a performer, producer, and composer has made him one of the most conceptual artists creating music for picture today. His musical career was already in full stride by the age of 16, playing B3 organ for the legendary Ray Charles. He attended Northwestern University where he performed as an operatic baritone while studying composition. Upon graduation, his talents thrust him into the world of advertising where he composed and produced music for the world's most illustrious advertisers. His clients include Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, BMW and many others. His vocal abilities have put him on stage with Frank Sinatra and Perry Como, while his talents as a producer/arranger have put him in the studio with artists as diverse as Joe Williams, Smashing Pumpkins, and R Kelly. At 28, P.J. was invited to to become a composer-in-residence at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions. While there, he collaborated on various scores such as ‘As Good As It Gets', ‘The Prince of Egypt', and ‘Gun'. Other successful collaborations include the films ‘The Match', ‘The Borrowers'and 'Light It Up' with Harry Gregson-Williams. Since then, he has scored numerous feature films, television programs and advertisements through his production arm, Sovereign. His music has also been heard in "Fight Club', "The Sopranos" and "The Andromeda Strain." Most recently, P.J. scored and wrote songs for the movie musical, "Rock The House". He credits his unique musical viewpoint to having such an eclectic background, coupled to collaborations with visionary directors such as Robert Altman, David Fincher, and Jason Reitman. For more information please visit www.sovereignla.com.

Arif Hodzic
Arif Hodzic is a composer, producer, singer, guitarist and songwriter and not a professional surfer. Scored music for various commercials including HBO's "True Blood", feature length movies, "Port Town" and "Searching For A Storm", as well as short films. Written songs for commercials (Geico), tv shows (the Bachelorette and Tyra Banks show) and for Matthew Modine's feature film "One Last Score." Arif's electric, acoustic and slide guitar work can be heard on various spots and programming for ESPN and the VS networks. Chainsaws, sickles, torches and tutus sometimes pepper his lyrical content, especially when Arif works with the Passing Zone , a world renowned comedy, chainsaw juggling duo. He wrote the "Passing Zone Theme Song" in 2008 and continues to write score for their exhilarating live show. Songs for vampires are not outside Arif's songwriting skill set either as heard in "Suck It Up" that was featured in one of the first "True Blood" commercials. Arif is also the singer/guitarist in the power trio Olio, winner of the 2011 Emerging Artist Competition in Southern California and performs regularly. Fun fact: What do Arif, Angelina Jolie and Meatloaf have in common? Arif was one of the young guitarists in Meatloaf's music video that featured a young Angelina Jolie for the song "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through." For more information please visit www.arifhodzicmusic.com.

Jason Johnson
For a number of centuries, music has been dubbed as the international language whose ability to communicate is more powerful than any other medium. It is this form of communication that has led Jason Johnson to his success. Johnson got his professional beginnings while in college at Loyola Marymount University, composing public service announcements for the state of California. Having a chameleon-like style for each musical genre, Johnson has built his own signature style that is fondly recognized by his clients, with the ability to compose music in styles that range from classical to electronic to jazz. “Music is my tool and my job is to problem solve. The composition tells the story that makes consumers want to buy.”

A conductor and multi-talented musician, Johnson is able to play over ten instruments. Over the past eighteen years, he has written music for approximately one-thousand commercials and has received numerous honors, including four CLIO awards, two Andy Awards, one Addy award and one AICP award for best original music in a television commercial. At the request of several commercial directors, Johnson has been requested and has served as a frequent judge for the music/sound design category of the Clio Awards.

Four years ago, Johnson composed the theme for the national ad campaign, Priceline Negotiator, starring William Shatner and has scored every commercial in the series. He has also scored films for National Geographic and is currently producing an album for the artist, Randy Coleman.

Johnson is the creative director/composer at the music/sound design house, Stimmung (www.stimmung.tv) with clients such as Hyundai, Heineken, Hewlett Packard and Coke. As creative director, Johnson oversaw the music production of six commercials that aired during the 2011 Super Bowl.

Veigar Margeirsson
Icelandic composer Veigar Margeirsson has scored blockbuster trailers for virtually all the major movie studios, including films like The Lord of the Rings trilogies, The Da Vinci Code, and Batman Begins to name a few. Having scored several feature films as well, he has also been busy scoring national TV commercials (AT&T, Hyundai, Toyota) and written for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. For more information please visit www.veigar.com

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