Jason Johnson - producer (background) and Greg Chun (foreground) composer at Fox Newman Scoring stage for Toyota commercial.

    "Saint Seiya"

Contractor Chris Tedesco and composer Stephen Endelman for Phat girlz scoring at The Village

Live recording of "The Sounds" at The Wiltern Theatre

L-R: Damon, Marty Krystall, Composer John Neufeld, Jerry Peters and Jeremy Cavaterra at Westlake Studios

Composer Ryan Perez-Daple, drummer Steve Aho, guitarist Andrew Synowiec at Hollywood Sound Recorders

Artist Sun in mixing session at Mobile Disc Music

L-R: Composers Chris Tin, Scott Starrett, conductor Pete Anthony, producer/contractor Peter Rotter, composer Ted Masur at Fox Newman Scoring

Composer Chris Brady @ Fox for Disney's "Motocrossed"

Brad Legant, Damon and Rich Wheeler for Sarkis live recording

Composers Bill Wandel and Tai Vare at Glenwood Studios for the recording of "Iraqi Freedom"

Damon, Scott Peets, and Jeff Keese for the Tribute to Woody Herman

Damon, Andrew Hagen, Ed Reyes, Chris Tedesco at Sony Scoring

My mentor, Armin Steiner, and pal Tom Steel

Damon with Victoria Dolceamore at Warner Bros. Scoring

Damon at live recording for OLIO

Denny and Damon Tedesco at Warner Bros.

Composer Jason Johnson at Fox Newman Scoring Stage for Stimmüng
photo: Smith Long

Novo Philharmonic's Dave Chiapetta, Damon, Kyle Newmaster &
Gordy Haab at Fox

Damon with Balderdash: Shie Rozow, Peter Gordon, Jim Lum, John Hatton, Chris Tedesco, Joey Cataldo, Ira Nepus

Damon, Brett Myhren & Dominic Gonzales at Steamers Cafe for
Estrada Bros. live recording

Richard Crystal live recording

I Stink! recording with composer Joel Goodman

Damon at Woody Herman live recording

Scoring at Todd AO with Joe Carrillo

L-R: Producer Jaspar Randall, Conductor JeffSchindler, Director Carolyn Townsend, Composer Joe Carrillo

Tom Collier Session (L-R): Joe Porcaro, Emil Richards, Tom Collier,
Mike Lang, Dan Dean at Capitol Studios, Hollywood

Six Feet Under recording session at Westlake Audio with The Martini Kings

w/Veigar Margeirsson for the "Batman Begins" trailer at Warner Bros

The Mirman Choir directed by Paul Kay at Warner Bros.

Booth discussion with Joey Altruda & crew

With Chris Brady @ 20th Century Fox for Disney's "Luck of the Irish"

Scoring at Paramount Scoring Stage M w/Carl Shibata, Chris Tedesco, Kan Hashimoto, Composer Masamichi Amano, Dominic Gonzales, Larry Mah, Paul Wertheimer

L-R: Victoria Lanier, Nathan Lanier, Composer Austin Wintory, Megan Wintory, Sandra Kipp, David Poole at Capitol Records for "Wedding Bells" session

Paul Fried, Richard Thies